Quality Artwork In Granite


About Extreme Granite Works

Gene Siebers owner/artist has over 25 years of experience working with granite.  Over this time, he has perfected his skills of listening to each individual's desires, and re-creating their ideas, expressions, and feelings on timeless and powerful granite artworks.  Whether it is a monument, memorial, sign, portrait, wedding gift, fireplace tile, address stone, or decorative plaque, the key is his uncanny gift of individual personalization with each piece. 


Below is a piece that was hand etched by Gene.  Click to enlarge the image and view the incredible detail he creates by hand. 



Gene Siebers


"You will be absolutely amazed and stunned by the detail that Gene creates by hand!  His work is beyond words beautiful and moving.  I have never seen such amazing artistry with granite." Kristy Miller, customer.