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Monuments & Memorials -
Owner, Gene Siebers, has over 25 years experience in the business and has had the honor of creating both individual and civic monuments and memorials.  He takes time with each individual person to decide the most personal and meaningful options available. 
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Wedding Gifts -
Everyone is looking for that personal and unique gift to give as a wedding present.  Make granite your staple gift for weddings and stand out from the rest.  A granite fixture, landscape stone, address stone, fireplace tile, decorative plaque, or portrait will be a wedding gift that your loved ones will treasure and remember above all others. 

Signs -
Granite signs offer the step above when it comes to signs.  They look prestigious, professional, and will endure any type of weather with grace and ease.

Sandblasting -
On-site sand blasting is available from Extreme Granite Works.  They will come to your location and create the lettering and carvings you desire.  Sandblasting uses an incredible 80lb's of pressure blown sand to create the lettering and carving that you see on so many granite pieces. 

Address Stones-
Address stones add a solid elegance to your landscaping while enduring any type of weather with grace and ease.   

The detail of a portrait done in stone by Gene of Extreme Granite Works will absolutely amaze you!  It is a step above the usual portrait and can be done with or without color. 

Carved Landscape Stones-
Enhance the beauty of your landscape by the addition of a carved landscape stone.  Granite landscape stones offer a solid elegance and beauty that no other landscape addition can. 

Fireplace Tiles -
Granite fireplace tiles are by far the highest in quality, and the most prestigious look that you can have.  The addition of granite to a fireplace adds an elegance that you will not get from another product.

Decorative/Award Plaques-
Decorative plaques are a way to create unique accents for your home or business with granite that is timeless and prestigious.  There is also no more prestigious way to create an award plaque than in granite.

Wood Signs -
Wood signs, created from cedar or redwood.  They are long lasting, durable signs that are a softer variation from granite.



We use a superior grade granite. .   .  .

We offer granite that is superior in natural hardness, low water absorption and stain resistant.  The high-gloss finish enhances the already strong yet elegant beauty that granite offers, and adds durability to the conditions that they are exposed to by the elements.

Hand Etched

Hand Etched

Hand Etched Memorial

Hand Etched

Hand Etched Landscape